English Khmer Dictionaries

Kheng – You can enter a Cambodian word to get English definition or an English word to get both Khmer and English definitions.

KOD – Features Khmer-Khmer, English-Khmer, and Khmer-English dictionaries, glossary, proverbs, topics and more.

Khmer Culture – Enter an English word to translate into Khmer.

Angkor Planet – Type a Cambodian word to translate into English.  Features graphical virtual keyboard for easy entry of Khmer characters.

Google Translate – Translate between Khmer and dozens of other languages.


Khmer Language Resources

Learn Khmer Videos –  A series of videos to help you learn the Khmer language.

Visual Khmer Keyboard – Graphical keyboard to allow you to easily type Khmer characters on your computer.

Khmer Writing System – A short course on Cambodian language writing system.

AK Online – Online Khmer language course, including Khmer alphabets, Khmer grammar, and useful Khmer conversational phrases.

Khmer Unicode & Fonts – Download Khmer unicode and fonts from the Khmer Software Initiative.

FSI Cambodian Course – Free 45-lesson audio course developed by the U.S. Foreign Service Institute (FSI).